OMG! – Oh My Gulay!

I blogged this in my multiply account last July 2008 four months after my Baguio trip. Please don’t leave the summer capital without trying Oh My gulay!

16 July 2008
Feast on fresh Baguio veggies, indulge on dishes that are all vegetable inspired. Their lemonade is the best I guess they use honey as sweetener.

salad+pasta+lemonade =  healthy

salad+pasta+lemonade = healthy

During my Baguio trip, my bro and I planned to have dinner here and we found out that the restaurant is open to serve lunch and merienda only. Why? Because (1) the building closes early and they are located on the building’s penthouse (Damn, I just forgot the name of the building, just ask about Oh My Gulay! along session road and the locals can give you direction); (2) It’s just their style, customers will enjoy dining if the sun is there because the location is perfect to see the sights of Session Road plus the fact that the restaurant is filled with unique arts and crafts that can only be appreciated with the natural rays of the sun.
There's a pond on the penthouse.

There's a pond on the penthouse.

Dining table

Dining table

TASTE: Rapsa
OVERALL: Ayos kay sosyalerang pangmasa, babalikan ko.


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