Dine at Marikina Shoe Expo

Alan’s Grill

Notice the kawali on our table. That's how they serv kare-kare

Notice the kawali on our table. That's how they serve kare-kare

Alan’s Grill’s menu is composed of Filipino ulam ala carte and binalot dishes. They also serve barkada and pulutan meals. These may sound very ordinary because other grills have the same line-up in their menus but Allan’s Grill has something more to offer. When I say more it means more SERVINGS. The barkada and pulutan meals are even PRICED LOWER than other restaurant grills in the market. Wait there is still more…the TASTE is SUPERB! I can confidently say that it is delicious because I am the type of person who has very sensitive taste buds.

Added attraction of Alan’s Grill is that they also work as a mini art gallery for aspiring artists. Hanging on their walls are very interesting pieces and you may inquire in the restaurant if you are interested to buy a painting.

There are other interesting things you can do before or after dining at Alan’s Grill. Check out the other shops around and you will discover that Marikina Shoe Expo is out of the ordinary and uncover rare items.

And lastly Allan’s Grill serves beers that are bottle chilled, great for barkada booze!

LOCATION: Cubao Expo Gen. Romulo Ave, Araneta Center, QC. Tel.no. 913-2231
TASTE: Rapsa
BUDGET: Panalo
OVERALL: Dalhin and barkada and family
TRY: Barkada meal (kare-kare and crispy pata at 499 pesos and 3652 birthday pancit)

I’ll update this blog next time so I can post pictures of the other shops I mentioned. Plus the other restaurants that are very original like Belinnis’s, Halo, and Mumbai (this one has a mini theater inside that shows indie films).


4 Responses to Dine at Marikina Shoe Expo

  1. Papoo says:

    Uy ang ganda ni mamii hehehe….

  2. Barbs says:

    and i second emotion. the dude who owns this resto is as enticing as the food he offers. 3652- meaning he looks 32 yo but he’s actually 52-54 now. A must-taste-must see bar and resto and owner. lol!

    • gemmaworld says:

      Yup Barbs and the owner is mabait always giving us free turon. Blog readers if you visit Alan’s Grill and you happen to see us (Gemma, Barbs, Teng, Debbie) say hi and chit chat with us. Wink Wink.

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