Healthy Buffet

Image0073Whenever I am invited to eat in buffet style I’ll always feel a surge of guiltiness because I know that I have the tendency to taste all that is showcased on the buffet table. I do love food but now I am avoiding buffet style lunches and dinners because I do not want to trigger hypertension and other health disorders related to cholesterol, fats, and sugar that I presume inherited both from my father’s and mother’s sides.
Then one evening I was walking inside SM Makati on my way to the exit going to the MRT station I noticed from afar this kiosk that has a long queue and each person is holding a plastic container filled with colorful edibles that looked so appetizing, I said to myself “Hmmm sweets, sinful, yummy, must have one”. So from the second floor I went to the ground floor to look closer and these colorful edibles turned out to be fruits and vegetable. The kiosk is a big salad buffet!
Like the traditional buffet, the customer is provided with a plate however for this buffet a plastic container is more suitable. The fruit salad container is larger than a pint and for vegetable salad it is a plastic rectangular container that that is approximately 5in x 4in x 2.5in. When you already have your container you can then fill it in with your favorite fruits or veggies. For your fruit salad you can choose from an array of sliced bite size apples, watermelons, papaya, pears, pineapples, grapes, and other fruits in season. And for your vegetable salad they have mixed greens and other bite sized veggies. And then pick the dressing of your choice. The price will depend on the weight of your salad. Hmm I forgot how much per unit but it is not expensive because last time I overdid my fruit salad and I only paid 91 Php.

LOCATION: Ground Floor, SM Makati
TASTE: Natural
SERVINGS: You are in control
BUDGET: It depends on the serving
OVERALL: Make this a habit


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