Yamazaki Ramen House

As a food aficionada my search for exceptional victuals to satisfy my stomach is an unending quest. And this quest led me to this rare finding the YAMAZAKI ramen house. I said rare because actually you will never know that this ramen house exists until you go inside the Yamazaki Japanese grocery. Since my discovery then I have invited other foodies like me to indulge on authentic Japanese dish without compromising our budgets. We even have a habit of going here once or twice a week for lunch breaks because now we can afford to do so, no need to wait to have an event for a fancy Japanese dinning. And my circle even renamed this as Japanese Karinderia because like the traditional karinderias, we get big servings at a very affordable price.

I think I’m turning Japanese

Unnoticed noodle house facade

Unnoticed ramen house facade

Presenting the menu...err do you understand anything here?

Presenting the menu...err do you understand anything here?

I am assuming that you will be having a hard time deciding on what to have during your first visit at Yamazaki because the menu is in Japanese linggo. I posted here my favorites for you to try.

Start with their meat packed Gyoza for only 75 pesos.

For the health or figure conscious their Hiyashi Chuka (180 pesos) will make your day. Be careful on mixing the yellow paste, believe me it is more vicious than the wasabe. Add it gradually.

Their set meal is the best. I love their Tonkatsu (165 pesos) and Salmon meal (185 pesos).


Tonkatsu set for 165 pesos

Salmon meal for 185 pesos.

Salmon set for 185 pesos

Lunch feast

Lunch feast

Healthy too

Healthy too

Japanese style

Japanese style

LOCATION: 2288 Fernando St. Pio Del Pilar Makati(Near Makati Square)
CONTACT: 893-2161
TASTE: authentic Japanese
BUDGET: Winner
OVERALL: You’ll be hooked


3 Responses to Yamazaki Ramen House

  1. Papoo says:

    Uy kumain kami d2 ni mamii mwah lab yah….

  2. gourmandtales says:

    looks good and affordable

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