Tsoko Nut Again

I had a really stressful day in the office and again I went running for comfort at Tsoko Nut to get some oral gratification with my favorite eating buddy. We ordered Meaty Spaghetti (99 pesos) and Bibingka (75 pesos). Once again I got revived after a whole day of corporate dramas and challenges in my office.
Their Meaty Spaghetti sauce is like the traditional home made Filipino spaghetti which is for me tastes better than the Italian style of cooking. It is really filling because the sauce has lots of meat and the aroma is the sautéed Filipino style wherein lots of garlic, onions, and secret ingredients are used. It is like being a kid again in my mama’s kitchen…wow really comforting.
Their bibinka has no impact on the first bite; you need more bites to appreciate it. Once you get its flavor you’ll be contented.


spongy bibingka

spongy bibingka


2 Responses to Tsoko Nut Again

  1. Papoo says:

    Nabusog ako diyan yam yam yam yung food…Lalo na pag kasama ko si Mami…

  2. Renny says:

    I used to patronize Tsoko Nut in RCBC everyday (early morning actually since I work on night shift). however I got irritated recently & vowed not to patronize the store again. I was a loyal patron but when I had no ‘barya’ when the cashier was asking for smaller bills, the cashier gave me an attitude. I don’t why since she should’ve recognize me already since I buy there everyday & it is the 1st time I had no smaller bills! And to think she even has bills for change! Note: The cashier was a chubby girl who looked boyish.

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