Lumpiang Sariwa Expert

Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Vegetable Roll is one of my favorite snacks or sidings. It’s healthy, light, and I do not feel any guilt even after my second serving. Why do I say so? Well first because this roll is not deep fried and second is its stuffing is composed of vegetables (however other versions do have ground pork inside). Lumpia goes with a sweet brown sauce and then topped with finely chopped peanuts and minced garlic.
I usually include fresh lumpia in my order list whenever I dine in a Filipino restaurant. If I would rate each fresh roll being commercially served then the highest would be from humble place in Quezon City. In my standards, I think their lumpia is the best. First time I got acquainted with it was during a family gathering in my father’s place and this was also the first time I have tasted sophistication in a simple fresh lumpia.

The Lupiang Sariwa Expert

They have the best lumpia in town

Surprisingly this lumpia did not come from a well known, posh, or advertised outlet rather it is from a simple eatery that has a carinderia-like set-up. The place is Lei’s Special Lumpia located at Project 2 in Quezon City. A testimonial that their lumpia is a sure hit is that Lei was able to survive for so many years and it did branch out to other places because of its lumpia’s popularity.

LOCATION: Project 2, Quezon City
TASTE: Sophisticated lumpia
SERVINGS: Big enough for a less than 30 pesos price
BUDGET: Winner
OVERALL: Lumpiang sariwa expert


One Response to Lumpiang Sariwa Expert

  1. rona says:

    I hope you can get the recipe. I love that lumpia and have been dreaming about it.

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