Afritada with Real Tomatoes

Mash the tomatoes in My second son hates eating viand that has red sauces (yeah, he doesn’t dig spaghetti too, pretty weird for a 7 year old). Thus I am kinda restricted on cooking food that has tomato sauces. However today, I really craved for Afritada for lunch. But how can I cook Afritada without the red tomato sauce from the can?

So this is what I did… I fried 4 plump red tomatoes. The reason why I fried them is for me to easily peel off the thin tomato skin. After frying and peeling I set it aside and prepared the rest of the Afritada ingredients.

I used the fried tomatoes as substitute for the canned tomato sauce. I Mashed the tomatoes with the rest of the Afritada ingredients and mixed. Let it simmer until the sauce thickens. Yummy.

The verdict, my son ate 2 platefuls for his lunch.
Afritada that is not Red


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