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...December 2009 post
Howdy, here is an update of what I’m up to these days. Let me begin August 2009, this was the month I resigned from my serious job (read below). Then September 2009 I began working with another company but I did not stayed there long because the company is not fair, I do not want to go into too much details because I believe there are some ongoing cases involving this X company and I do not want my blog to be a part of it. Continuing my story, I resigned from this X company October 2009. I treated the following month November 2009 as my vacation that I really wanted to have since the sixth year of my working career. Now it’s December and I am again working. But not the usual day job, I am juggling freelance projects, direct selling, and online work at home jobs. I think I am beginning to like it…for now.

...my early 2009 post


My name is Gemmaris Valino Morfe from the Philippines. I took up BS mathematics and computer studies in college and currently I am managing an operation for a bank related service. Prior to my operations management career, I was administrating sales and marketing and other number crunching responsibilities.
Now that I am moving to a higher step in the corporate world I am getting more involved in making decisions, reviewing procedures, meeting the compliances, looking after the finances, attending lots of meetings, managing people…and other boring nerdy stuffs.
I need an outlet and speak about food, dinning, fashion, travel, and other topics that most women are interested to. I need to speak about these topics whenever I wanted to. So I asked myself how? Should I call my girl friends?—They may be busy doing something else when I call them. Should I meet with my girl friends every night after work and have dinner?—Possible but expensive. Or should I write about what I want to speak about?—Hmmm well writing is not my favorite thing to do; I even have a staff in the office that does the writing for me. But I need to speak about my favorite stuffs whenever I want to!…So blogging is the answer. MY NOSE IS BLOGGING – this is my outlet my BFF who will always be here under my nose, ready to talk about my world the GemmaWorld.

Now that I have posted some articles here, I was kinda surprised because there are actually who view my blog who are not my family or friends. And this had inspired me to blog more articles that is worth reading (and educational too).

Thank you for visiting and looking around GemmaWorld™

Future project: Take up short course like cooking, fashion, and other kakikayan. And of course I will share these to all of you.



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