Lumpiang Sariwa Expert

December 17, 2009

Lumpiang Sariwa or Fresh Vegetable Roll is one of my favorite snacks or sidings. It’s healthy, light, and I do not feel any guilt even after my second serving. Why do I say so? Well first because this roll is not deep fried and second is its stuffing is composed of vegetables (however other versions do have ground pork inside). Lumpia goes with a sweet brown sauce and then topped with finely chopped peanuts and minced garlic.
I usually include fresh lumpia in my order list whenever I dine in a Filipino restaurant. If I would rate each fresh roll being commercially served then the highest would be from humble place in Quezon City. In my standards, I think their lumpia is the best. First time I got acquainted with it was during a family gathering in my father’s place and this was also the first time I have tasted sophistication in a simple fresh lumpia.

The Lupiang Sariwa Expert

They have the best lumpia in town

Surprisingly this lumpia did not come from a well known, posh, or advertised outlet rather it is from a simple eatery that has a carinderia-like set-up. The place is Lei’s Special Lumpia located at Project 2 in Quezon City. A testimonial that their lumpia is a sure hit is that Lei was able to survive for so many years and it did branch out to other places because of its lumpia’s popularity.

LOCATION: Project 2, Quezon City
TASTE: Sophisticated lumpia
SERVINGS: Big enough for a less than 30 pesos price
BUDGET: Winner
OVERALL: Lumpiang sariwa expert


Tsoko Nut Again

July 17, 2009

I had a really stressful day in the office and again I went running for comfort at Tsoko Nut to get some oral gratification with my favorite eating buddy. We ordered Meaty Spaghetti (99 pesos) and Bibingka (75 pesos). Once again I got revived after a whole day of corporate dramas and challenges in my office.
Their Meaty Spaghetti sauce is like the traditional home made Filipino spaghetti which is for me tastes better than the Italian style of cooking. It is really filling because the sauce has lots of meat and the aroma is the sautéed Filipino style wherein lots of garlic, onions, and secret ingredients are used. It is like being a kid again in my mama’s kitchen…wow really comforting.
Their bibinka has no impact on the first bite; you need more bites to appreciate it. Once you get its flavor you’ll be contented.


spongy bibingka

spongy bibingka

Yamazaki Ramen House

July 14, 2009

As a food aficionada my search for exceptional victuals to satisfy my stomach is an unending quest. And this quest led me to this rare finding the YAMAZAKI ramen house. I said rare because actually you will never know that this ramen house exists until you go inside the Yamazaki Japanese grocery. Since my discovery then I have invited other foodies like me to indulge on authentic Japanese dish without compromising our budgets. We even have a habit of going here once or twice a week for lunch breaks because now we can afford to do so, no need to wait to have an event for a fancy Japanese dinning. And my circle even renamed this as Japanese Karinderia because like the traditional karinderias, we get big servings at a very affordable price.

I think I’m turning Japanese

Unnoticed noodle house facade

Unnoticed ramen house facade

Presenting the menu...err do you understand anything here?

Presenting the menu...err do you understand anything here?

I am assuming that you will be having a hard time deciding on what to have during your first visit at Yamazaki because the menu is in Japanese linggo. I posted here my favorites for you to try.

Start with their meat packed Gyoza for only 75 pesos.

For the health or figure conscious their Hiyashi Chuka (180 pesos) will make your day. Be careful on mixing the yellow paste, believe me it is more vicious than the wasabe. Add it gradually.

Their set meal is the best. I love their Tonkatsu (165 pesos) and Salmon meal (185 pesos).


Tonkatsu set for 165 pesos

Salmon meal for 185 pesos.

Salmon set for 185 pesos

Lunch feast

Lunch feast

Healthy too

Healthy too

Japanese style

Japanese style

LOCATION: 2288 Fernando St. Pio Del Pilar Makati(Near Makati Square)
CONTACT: 893-2161
TASTE: authentic Japanese
BUDGET: Winner
OVERALL: You’ll be hooked


June 24, 2009

There are times that I look for comfort food and this usually happens when corporate politics is getting in my way. Sounds negative and unhealthy but what the heck I discovered the perfect place where I pamper myself with oral gratification.
Before you continue reading imagine this Dinuguan at Puto. Wow very comforting…Wait there are more to imagine Suman at Mangga…Bibingka and Hot Choco. Sarap-sarap (very delicious).
So where should you give in to please yourself? I recommend Tsoko.Nut. This restaurant serves a fusion of simple dishes but will surely satisfy your cravings. Simple it may sound but all dishes are well presented and the taste will bring you back to a happy place. The first spoonful of Dinuguan that touched my tongue sent me back to a kitchen where when I was still young just like the scene in the movie Ratatouille (when the food critic tasted a simple dish—just watch the movie).

Suman at Mangga

Suman at Mangga

The restaurant’s appearance will also give you a feel that as if you are in a fine dining but in fact you will only spend the same amount you spend for a meal in a fast food. Hey, don’t fret when I say fast food, the serving amount compromises the price.

Top to Bottom: Meaty Spaghetti and Spaghetti Aligue

Top to Bottom: Meaty Spaghetti and Spaghetti Aligue

Oral Gratification

Oral Gratification

And as for me, aside for my craving satisfaction, I ran to Tsoko.Nut to recharge after a stressful office day and ponder on how I can get even tomorrow…Bitchy me.

LOCATION: RCBC Plaza and Level2, SM Makati
TASTE: Sosyal and Rapsa
SERVINGS: Sakto lang
BUDGET: Panalo
OVERALL: Addicting

Healthy Buffet

June 4, 2009

Image0073Whenever I am invited to eat in buffet style I’ll always feel a surge of guiltiness because I know that I have the tendency to taste all that is showcased on the buffet table. I do love food but now I am avoiding buffet style lunches and dinners because I do not want to trigger hypertension and other health disorders related to cholesterol, fats, and sugar that I presume inherited both from my father’s and mother’s sides.
Then one evening I was walking inside SM Makati on my way to the exit going to the MRT station I noticed from afar this kiosk that has a long queue and each person is holding a plastic container filled with colorful edibles that looked so appetizing, I said to myself “Hmmm sweets, sinful, yummy, must have one”. So from the second floor I went to the ground floor to look closer and these colorful edibles turned out to be fruits and vegetable. The kiosk is a big salad buffet!
Like the traditional buffet, the customer is provided with a plate however for this buffet a plastic container is more suitable. The fruit salad container is larger than a pint and for vegetable salad it is a plastic rectangular container that that is approximately 5in x 4in x 2.5in. When you already have your container you can then fill it in with your favorite fruits or veggies. For your fruit salad you can choose from an array of sliced bite size apples, watermelons, papaya, pears, pineapples, grapes, and other fruits in season. And for your vegetable salad they have mixed greens and other bite sized veggies. And then pick the dressing of your choice. The price will depend on the weight of your salad. Hmm I forgot how much per unit but it is not expensive because last time I overdid my fruit salad and I only paid 91 Php.

LOCATION: Ground Floor, SM Makati
TASTE: Natural
SERVINGS: You are in control
BUDGET: It depends on the serving
OVERALL: Make this a habit

Dine at Marikina Shoe Expo

May 26, 2009

Alan’s Grill

Notice the kawali on our table. That's how they serv kare-kare

Notice the kawali on our table. That's how they serve kare-kare

Alan’s Grill’s menu is composed of Filipino ulam ala carte and binalot dishes. They also serve barkada and pulutan meals. These may sound very ordinary because other grills have the same line-up in their menus but Allan’s Grill has something more to offer. When I say more it means more SERVINGS. The barkada and pulutan meals are even PRICED LOWER than other restaurant grills in the market. Wait there is still more…the TASTE is SUPERB! I can confidently say that it is delicious because I am the type of person who has very sensitive taste buds.

Added attraction of Alan’s Grill is that they also work as a mini art gallery for aspiring artists. Hanging on their walls are very interesting pieces and you may inquire in the restaurant if you are interested to buy a painting.

There are other interesting things you can do before or after dining at Alan’s Grill. Check out the other shops around and you will discover that Marikina Shoe Expo is out of the ordinary and uncover rare items.

And lastly Allan’s Grill serves beers that are bottle chilled, great for barkada booze!

LOCATION: Cubao Expo Gen. Romulo Ave, Araneta Center, QC. 913-2231
TASTE: Rapsa
BUDGET: Panalo
OVERALL: Dalhin and barkada and family
TRY: Barkada meal (kare-kare and crispy pata at 499 pesos and 3652 birthday pancit)

I’ll update this blog next time so I can post pictures of the other shops I mentioned. Plus the other restaurants that are very original like Belinnis’s, Halo, and Mumbai (this one has a mini theater inside that shows indie films).

Pan de Amerikana

May 2, 2009

image00391Two years ago perhaps, my Papi introduced this hidden diner’s haven to me because I was craving for a hot pandesal and choco after our tiring jogging session in Marikina Sports Complex. To make the story short we went to the place he was bragging about and then the moment I laid eyes on the restaurant I fell in love and the first pandesal bite was heavenly like it was an intimate experience between Pan de Amerikana and I.

This diner is so famous for their freshly baked pandesal sa pugon. The main ingredient is wheat and the rest of course is everything nice. Even without palaman it is so yummy. The size is bigger than the usual pandesal, approximately the length is 3 plus inches, width is 2 plus inches, and the thickness is 1 plus inches. And the price is a winner only 5.50 Php per piece which is 55.00 Php for 10 pieces! Honestly I tried the other baked sa pugon pandesals but Pan de Amerikano’s is way beyond compare with the other players.

Laki ng pandesal!

Laki ng pandesal!

Whenever I go here it is always in the mornings and thus I have tried all the breakfast meals. They serve breakfast meals like corned beef and egg, daing na bagus and egg, cheese omelet, mushroom cheese omelet, and tapa and egg all served with one cup of garlic fried rice. They also have sandwiches and other menus for merienda and lunch meals. And again the price is a winner! The breakfast meals I mentioned are all priced for 48Php, sandwiches for 25Php, brewed coffee for 15Php only! Whata-Wow!
Breakfast...oi sino yun nakasingit?

Breakfast...oi sino yun nakasingit?

Morning without make-up.

Morning without make-up.

Aside from the pandesal and meals the whole restaurant set-up is awesome. They have a big chess, waterfalls, tree house, sungka, native artworks, windmill, Harley Davidson, Sampaguita pictures memorabilia, and other out of the ordinary stuffs. And there’s more…the restaurant is WiFi ready too! Wow what else can you ask for? Superb pandesal, good meal, reasonable price, very nice ambience, and technically connected.

From search engines here are some links about Pan de Amerikana that are worth browsing.


LOCATION: 92 ordonez street Concepcion, Marikina. 475-239)
TASTE: Rapsa
SERVINGS: (a) Pandesal – Malaki (b) Meals – Sakto lang
BUDGET: Panalo
OVERALL: Hindi kumpleto ang buhay mo pag di mo na-experience ito!